Prescribing in Homeopathy

First Aid, Acute and Chronic


Lucie Groves

Homeopathic remedies can be used either for first aid, for acute situations and in chronic ailments.

Lets have a look at the difference between each type of prescribing.

First Aid and Acute prescribing

– suitable for any home prescriber (anyone that has the basic understanding of homeopathy and has an easy access to remedies)

– first aid means any sudden situation that needs immediate response, for example a shock from falling over (an accident) or a shock caused by a sudden upset/grief

– acute illness is anything from a sore throat, ear ache, tooth ache or abscess, coughs, colds, flu and any other viral illness as well as physical ailments like sprains and strains

– we prescribe on the current symptoms of the illness

– apart from the presenting (main) symptom, we also take into account any concomitant symptoms, location, etiology, modalities, periodicity and sensations

In practical terms, this means:

– main symptom being sore throat

– concomitant symptom could be a headache

– etiology: is when it started, at the end of the school day after difficult exams

– modalities: pain in throat on right side, with swollen glands, which are better for hot drinks and worse for swallowing any food, headache is on the front part of the head extending to temples

– sensation (or what does it feel like): it feels as if there are razor sharp knives in the throat

– peridodicity: it comes on after eating especially and every morning on waking

In a nut shell – in an acute (and first aid) prescribing we look at the CHANGES in the person in the state of illness. What changes have occurred since they have been ill.

Chronic (constitutional) prescribing

This type of prescribing should only be done by a qualified practitioner.

It is too complex to treat at home.

It involves taking stock of the person’s life, learning about them and how they react in certain situations and life in general. This information along with the presenting complaint and all its details leads the homeopath to the best suited remedy for that person at that point in time.

Chronic ailment is any condition that has been ongoing for 3 months and longer.


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