Colic can be experienced by babies as well as older children and adults.

It can be very distressing for the child as well as the parent, because the child is crying for no ‘apparent’ reason.

Common symptoms of colic are burping often, passing a lot of gas (or the inability to), having a bright flushed face, tight belly, curling up legs toward belly, clenching fists, being frustrated, angry or very clingy toward the mother.

It can be caused by various factors; from inability to digest milk due to undeveloped digestive system (in babies), allergy or intolerance to milk/or other foods. 

There can also be mental/emotional factors involved, for example getting used to loud noises, lights and the whole new environment which the baby has been born into (their nervous system is still developing, hence the sensitivity).

Every infant is different and therefore some will have need more time to adjust than others (this will happen naturally of course, and with using homeopathic remedies, it can help the journey being smoother, with less distress and a happier baby as a result – it really is a ‘no-brainer’).

Particularly in babies, what is often said is that ‘they will grow out of it’, as conventional medicine has no ways of helping apart from suggesting changing positions, moving legs in order to help to relieve the flatulence etc.

BUT homeopathy can offer so much more because it doesn’t treat every baby the same – quite the opposite – it looks at how each baby’s colic is different (see the differentiation of the remedies)! 


And help the baby relax and even go to sleep. When that happens after the remedy has been given – it is a great sign that it was the indicated remedy.

Relief that is offered by a homeopathic remedy that has been selected to the individual patient. 
By collecting all the details and symptoms, which leads to the most fitting remedy at that time.
If you are struggling to find the remedy for your baby, you can book an acute appointment here:

Below are a few suggestion and there will be many more remedies indicated….all depending on the individual’s unique expression of their symptoms.

The main keynotes of these remedies are:

Colocynthis – anger with pain or pain from anger, screams with pain, distorted face, sudden, violent cramping pains that make him twist, turn or cry out in pain
Abdominal colic, particularly umbilical region, diarrhoea & pain in hypogastrium
worse at night in bed, after eating, lying on painless side
better for bending double, hard pressure, heat, gentle motion, after stool/flatus, lying on abdomen

Dioscorea – pains dart about or radiate to distant parts (arms etc), stop suddenly then start again in a different place (paroxysmal), 
worse for doubling up/bending forward and lying (opposite of Coloc), sitting, on           waking, eating
better for stretching out or bending backwards, motion, open air, hard pressure,         belching/eructations and standing erect

Nux-vomica – cramped state, can’t relax, very chilly and oversensitive to external impressions, ineffectual urging to stool (constipation), to urinate, to belch, to sneeze, to vomit
worse for open air and cold in general, pressure of clothes
better for free discharges, naps, rest, hot drinks, milk, warm room, being covered, after stool, loose clothing

Mag-Phos – restlessness with pain and rapid exhaustion from pain, sudden paroxysms of pain
better for bending double, warmth, hot bathing, pressure
worse for cold air, uncovering, drafts, touch, night, motion, exhaustion

Chamomilla – excessive irritability, tantrums, stiffening of the body, bending backwards, stamping feet, kicking,  blue faced from the rage = cause of these actions is PAIN, which a person is very sensitive to (incl. Fresh air and wind), child wants to be carried/rocked, swelling or redness of one cheek, paleness of the other
worse after getting cold, getting warm in bed
better for being carried, sweating, cold applications

Aethusa – inability to digest nourishment (mothers milk), intolerance to feeding (can be from            being fed by the mother too often due to mother not knowing what else to do to placate the crying baby, milk is forcibly vomited in large curds, suddenness and violence of colic pains, vomit or diarrhoea
worse for milk, hot weather, dentition, after vomit, after stool
better for open air, rest, being covered

If you have tried and indicated remedies don’t seem to help or relieve the symptoms of your baby/child, don’t hesitate and get in touch.

You can book a free 20 minutes appointment (meet and greet) or an acute appointment if the ailment hasn’t been ongoing longer than a couple of weeks.


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