How to cure loss of smell and taste NATURALLY.

We may not think much of our sense of smell, but those that have lost it as a result of an accident or injury report incredible loss which impacted their lives in ways they never imagined.

Research shows that smell can also have a very powerful impact on our memories and feelings.

We have learnt quite early on in the pandemic that loss of taste and/or smell are often a ‘warning’ sign that the person may be infected with C-19.

However, it is very common (in fact over 60%) in people suffering from a flu, common cold or/and sinus infection will loose their sense of smell and taste.

Why is this?

When the smell goes, more often then not taste follows. Reason being is that the olfactory area is in your nose and it controls both. If we can’t smell the food, the sensation of its taste will also be diminished.

Taste is detected by taste receptors found in our taste buds, which are found on the tongue and in our mouths. However, most of the flavour of food is largely due to the smell of food.

This is detected by smell receptors, which are found in the lining of the nose, and the smell of food travels from the back of the mouth into the back of the nose.

Smell, like taste, is a chemical sense detected by sensory cells called chemoreceptors. When an odour stimulates the chemoreceptors in the nose that detect smell, they pass on electrical impulses to the brain. The brain then interprets patterns in electrical activity and we recognise this as different smells.

Losing smell or/and taste should resolve itself within 4 weeks, however if it doesn’t or comes back not perfect (as good as before), than we have homeopathic remedies that can help.

In the homeopathic repertory (book where all symptoms are listed including indicated remedies for each symptom) there are many (hundreds!) of various remedies that are indicated for this one particular symptom. Hence it is very important to NOT prescribe on this one symptom alone and include any other concomitant symptoms as that will help narrow down the search for the best fitting remedy.

To list just a few remedies to help with loss of smell and taste are Zincum Mettalicum, Nux vomica, Carbolic Acid, Natrum Muriaticum and Pulsatilla where there is coryza present.

If you are experiencing loss of taste and/or smell for some time now and would like to try homeopathy to solve this issue, please get in touch here: luciehomeopathy@gmail.com

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Homeopathic remedies are incredibly efficient in treating first aid, acute illness and chronic conditions. For each of those, there will be a different way of prescribing remedies and their potencies. If you are new to homeopathy, to get the best and most efficient result with homeopathic treatment is to book a consultation with a homeopath.

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