Any of us can experience fatigue which is an expected reaction of our body to having done too much – either physically or mentally or both. This type of fatigue should be short lived and not debilitating and with a little TLC one should spring back to full energy state rather quickly.

However, if this fatigue goes on for weeks or months, it is something that should be looked at.

In homeopathy, we look for the ‘aetiology’ – which is when has it started and what had triggered it.

In cases where the person had experienced a viral illness – this can often be the onset of a long term fatigue and therefore ‘post viral syndrome’.

What do we mean by fatigue?

It is a significant lack of energy that is affecting our everyday life.

It lingers despite having had enough sleep and one might possibly need so many hours of sleep and yet still not feel refreshed. This is where the alarm bells should be going off and alerting us to address this issue.

The accompanying symptoms can be weak memory or brain fog (inability to think clearly), muscle or joint aches, sore throat, headache and mental/emotional instability as a result of the tiredness.

Many types of viruses are known to have this insidious ability to latch on to our system in time of weakness and stay dormant there for weeks, months or even years and only pop its head up when we are at our weakest.

Another term that we homeopaths use is “NBWS” = never been well since.

It can be a case of a person who had a glandular fever in their teens and when they come to see a homeopath in their 30’s, they will explain that they never felt well ever since that illness.

This is an example of a virus being latent in the body – it has not been ‘eradicated’ and it is waiting for the opportunity to create havoc once again.

Post viral fatigue/syndrome is a ‘condition’ that the conventional medicine can’t quite pinpoint or ‘understand’ where it comes from or why and hence there is no ‘cure’ for it.

Luckily, with an alternative approach, like in homeopathy, we can have a look in detail at the causation and address that, rather than treating the (superficial) symptoms only.

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Not everyone will experience this after a bout of flu for example. There has to be a susceptibility within the person (‘fertile’ ground for the virus to prosper on) – a weakness that will allow the virus to act on the system.

In the current situation in our world – we are slowly becoming aware that the new virus on the block has potentially got quite insidious side to it, even with those people that seem to be ‘completely healthy’ prior to ‘catching’ the virus; resulting in being completely floored by it – for weeks and months in many cases. Some recover, yet relapse few months later, often with even much more serious symptoms than the first time around.


In my opinion – of course, there are many factors playing the part, but fundamentally, this situation is highlighting the fact that the general health of population is decreasing.

We are bombarded by medication even before we are born and the affect is now showing.

In 1829 scientists discovered compound called salicin in willow plants, which at the turn of the century was trademarked by German company Bayer and sold as Aspirin.

Forward 120 years and we are living in an age where we have any drug under the sun possible, yet we have many more diseases than before Aspirin was created.

Of course – there is no doubt that the modern medicine have saved many lives and we wouldn’t want to be without it, as it is so crucial in emergency situations.

BUT – it is reached for more often than it should be in situations where there is no or very little need.

We forget that have a perfectly well functioning immune system that is capable of healing and keeping up the homeostasis (it does it every minute of every day after all!).

When medications are used at a first sign of a cold or flu, our immune system is basically made to step back and take a ‘mini holiday’.

A perfect example can be a congested nose which becomes runny – discharge from the nose is a sign of the body’s immune system getting rid of toxins and unwanted material.

By using various nose sprays with the aim to stop this discharge is basically suppression.

It is going AGAINST our immune system and showing it that it is not welcome to provide us with its ‘service’ – so it becomes lazy, slowly, over time; and therefore less efficient in defending us from any potentially harmful viruses or bacteria.

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